Wednesday, October 28, 2009

LAF Challenge was awesome.

Ok, so I have been a little neglectful of updating the blog. I am sure I have a good excuse somewhere in my mind, but right now it escapes me. All I can think about is what a great time I had at the Livestrong Challenge weekend in Austin TX. Anna and I had an awesome time seeing so many friends and participating in all the events. We both enjoyed the city of Austin as well. I will be posting descriptions of different parts of the trip and the photo’s later, but right now I just wanted to check back in and say “ Thank YOU!” again to all the people that donated to fight this terrible disease called cancer.
I very much enjoyed riding with Rob and the whole Team Speed Bump! You all were great!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Leadville Talk tonight!

GVC-fat Tire Soc meeting!!!Dave Weins and Lance Armstrong were up front, but our very own DavidCaton was in there too, along with an elite cadre of Greensboro areariders. Come see & hear this presentation about this grueling event and have an adult beverage and even a meal..This coming Monday night, Oct 12th, if you like, have dinner downstairs at 6 PM and then join us all the way up on the third floor for the meeting & program at 7 PM. Everyone is invited! Come one, come all! Natty Greene's Pub & Brewing Company. (down town Greensboro) 345 S Elm St www.bigdraft.comRead MoreWelcome to Natty Greene's Brewing Co.Source: www.bigdraft.comRead More

Welcome to Natty Greene's Brewing Co.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Trip out west, some photo's to share.

Anna and I hiked a slot canyon called Antelope Canyon. It is an amazing place, so tight in places you have to go sideways to get through. In August, the light is in the right place in the sky to create these wonderful shafts of light that come down in the canyon only for about 45 minutes or so. Here are some shots I got of our hike.