Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fat Cyclist and Twin Six

Fat Cyclist
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Fat Cyclist is a blog I have been reading for a few years now. He has always had a great way with words and a funny look at cycling. His family has been an inspiration to lots of folks dealing with Cancer and fighting it. He and his wife have rallied the troops and raised over $500,000.00 for Lance Armstrong Foundation this year. Elden's wife Susan passed away last night. I wish his family the best. I hope you will take a second to head over to The Fat Cyclist and leave a comment of support. I hope we can all raise enough money and beat this terrible disease called Cancer.

Twin Six has always supported The Fat Cyclist. They put a very nice tribute on the homepage today. I have a few shirts and socks from them, they make great stuff.

LAF had a nice blog post as a tribute as well. It's here if you want to see.

We should all FIGHT LIKE SUSAN!

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