Monday, June 1, 2009

Climbing Hills

The Bike Ready to Go!

Rode 77 miles with 6 great guys on Saturday. We Left the shopping center in Oak Ridge at around 8:15 am and rode the rolling hills to Hanging Rock State Park. Once we got to the park we started to notice quite a bit of other riders, we had merged in with the 3 Mountain Madness. I settled into a slow steady pace and rode all the way to the top. After a fast descent, we rode part of the course backwards around the backside of Hanging Rock towards Sauratown Mountain. We got on a long descent and had a little fun with the pace and a few attacks.

After we almost made it back, one rider was standing up on his bike making a turn and his crank arm of his FSA cranks sheared off. After he picked himself up off the road, assessed the damage to himself and his bike, he walked it to the car, lucky we where so close. We all shared a post ride beer at a Bistro. Was a great day.

Anna's Cheese Balls are still selling well. This picture shows the latest batch:

Please order one and support LAF! Please contact me if you want info.
Thanks to all those who have ordered them!

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  1. Cheese balls were a hit at my July 4th party. Thanks!!!