Sunday, June 14, 2009

Slack and post

Sorry it’s been awhile since I have posted. Rain, Rain, Rain is the word. Our area has been getting its share of afternoon thunderstorms. I don't have water wings on my bike so, I have either been riding inside, or racing storms back to town. Cars have floated from the flooding in town. I have gotten a few rides outside, but luck has not been on my side.

Anna has had to rescue me twice this week off the side of the road. The first, it was a perfect Saturday. I was heading on about a 70 mile ride heading south of town, to climb Caraway Mountain. I have about 8 perfect riding partners. We were cruising fast south of town, and I felt good, when the climbing starting, I was right to the front. Finished the climb in 3rd, still feeling great, and then it happened. I stood up and heard the ping that signaled my rear wheel spoke breaking free. I limped to the store and called Anna. I was 38 miles straight south of town, so it was awhile before she made it but so glad she could rescue me. A little later in the week I was on the Tuesday battle ride and racing a huge thunderstorm back to town, and I made it about 3 miles short of home and had to take shelter in a parking garage from the lighting and rain, and again made the call. She was there in moments. I can’t tell you how nice she has been about saving me. She is my true teammate in this year’s effort and I can’t say enough about how much she means to me.

She lost her Father to Cancer and I lost my Grandfather to Cancer so we both know how important raising funds to fight this terrible disease are. She has raised a lot of funds in the past, but is helping me to raise more funds, she is an amazing woman. We both want to see this Cancer disease defeated.

Along those lines I want to thank her with helping me find sponsors to help raise funds. I the near future we will be announcing plans for more fund raising things, but right now I want to thank sponsors now on board with helping us raise money. Maxie B’s , Balance Day Spa and cycles de ORO have all done a lot to help us raise money to fight Cancer. Please visit these wonderful businesses and show your support to people that have supported me. You can get to them by clicking on the names or on the links in the side bar.

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