Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More riding and big thanks to my sponsors!

Training is on track. I have ridden 117.5 miles (two days) so far this week. That includes a ride to Hanging Rock State Park and a climb to its top. I was joined by Eddie, Eric and Gary. Eric and I did the post ride beer thing at Bristo 150. That Fat Tire really hit the spot. Last Saturday was the Paceline A ride that was hot and miserable. Summer is in full swing here in North Carolina, with those hot steamy days happening. I drank so much water; I even carried extra bottles in my jersey pockets on the ride. We started with about 30 riders, but by the time we got back to town and I had 68 miles done we only had 7 or so left.
No more broken spokes this week, knock on wood, and the bike has been riding smooth thanks to the folks at CYCLES de ORO. I did however manage to break my indoor trainer, some strange clear fluid leaking out, but Dale at CYCLES de ORO wants me to drop it by so he can take care of it for me.
Anna has been doing a fabulous job helping me with the fundraising part of this endeavor. I want to thank all the Sponsors we have so far. Thank you Maxie B’s, Balance Day Spa, CYCLES de ORO, Proximity Hotel and Omega Sports. Thank you for helping me raise funds to fight Cancer. Please go visit these folks and support those who support me.
Coming soon there will be details on a raffle to win some fabulous prizes that these kind sponsors have given me to raise more funds. Please stay tuned.

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